A Wax Museum Mystery
Death Of A Dummy
Published by Cozy Cat Press
Nothing bad ever happens in charming Old Quebec City, at least not until surf bum Paul comes to town. Now, dead bodies are popping up like surfboards after a killer wave.

To make matters worse, Paul has only has a few months to make his new building profitable or he’ll lose everything. Lucky for him there’s a derelict wax museum in his basement, and everybody knows they’re practically a license to print money—right?

With the help of his new friend and business partner—a loopy octogenarian named Dottie—they unravel the mystery behind a priceless antique tapestry and two seemingly unrelated murders, all while systematically sampling every pastry in town...

Amazon Reviews
Robert Beasley: Great characters, prose and plot! Hope it's to be a series! What an original adventure! I don't read many mysteries because I'm hard to please when it comes to plot details. So few satisfy. But this mystery has plenty of twists and turns, great surprise ending, and not a hint of being contrived. The writing is excellent and humor abounds. Think Alexander McCall Smith. The protagonist, although male, is every bit as likable as Mme Ramotswe. Great read!

Melanie Pruett: On the edge of my seat until the very end! This book was quite different from most. Oh, it had the usual likeable protagonists and your usual murder(s), but it had unexpected twists and turns and a really unexpected ending! I'm delighted to recommend this book to any and all

Harley Dupuis Good suspense! Excellent Writing! Really, liked the plot development and characters ( my favorite was Dottie ) ! As I progressed through the novel, I found myself intrigued by the ins and outs of the City of Quebec. Because of this novel, I truly do wish to visit Quebec and (laughingly) seek out the little wax museum. Loved the setting, loved the story line and the characters ... Excellent read for kids of all ages!

2016 Appearances

April 30th: Signing at Chapters Ancaster, Ancaster ontario, 1-3pm

March 16th: Reading & Signing at Livres Trois Canons, Quebec City, 7:30pm

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